Varied Causes for Adult Acne

“Ah! I’m thirty-five! And I’m still getting acne!” Jenny screams. Jenny is an adult who like many other adults still get acne on their skin all the time. Usually, when we think of acne, we view it as an adolescent problem. Only teenagers get it. But that is far from the truth. Millions of adults all around the globe suffer from these problems a large part of their lives. In fact, statistics show that 25% of all male adults and 50% of all female adults suffer from adult acne at some point of their lives.What causes adult acne? Well, the causes of adult acne are varied. One reason why more women suffer from adult acne than men is because menses is one of the causes for it. This is because menses causes the body to increase its production of hormones, and in doing so, indirectly causes the production of sebum and this leads to the chemical reactions that causes it.Another cause for adult acne is having too much stress. Why is stress a cause to adult acne, you ask? Well, when your body is under stress, it produces hormonal steroids like cortisol which affects your skin in a disruptive manner and causes acne to erupt. And it’s a vicious cycle. You see acne on your face, that causes you to be more stressed, and when you get more stressed, that causes you to get more pimples! Drinking too much coffee causes it too. That is because when we drink coffee, our bodies are stimulated to produce cortisol as well. So if you are getting adult acne and feel stressed about it, the last thing you want to do is to try to make yourself feel better by chilling out with cups of coffee because it will make it worse!Some adults get their acne from drinking milk instead. That’s because these people’s bodies react adversely to dairy products. The fact is milk contains hormones that potentially causes acne breakouts. Hormonally induced acne breakout like these usually occur at the chin and jaw line. Overexposure to the sun is another possible cause for adult acne. When you are exposed to the sun, it causes free radicals to be produced within the skin which in turn causes and affects the body’s ability to repair itself. Adults who are suffering from it will do well in protecting themselves with sunscreen lotions.Lastly, exposure to dirt and bacteria can cause our skin to breakout in acne as well. If the face towels you use and the pillowcases you sleep on are dirty, then you are exposing your skin to unwanted bacteria and this causes acne. So make sure you change your face towels and pillowcases regularly.So what do you know what causes your acne problems? You don’t? Maybe you can take a look at your existing lifestyle. Are you having too much stress from work lately? Are you drinking four to five cups of coffee daily to keep yourself awake? Do you crave milk like a baby ? Are you crazy about sun tanning? Do you have a habit of changing your towels and pillowcases often? Perhaps adjusting your lifestyle in one of these areas might address the problem that you are facing.